Does water physical therapy work for weight loss?

Does water physical therapy work for weight loss?

Swimming is probably not at the top of the list of exercises that might help you lose weight. Running, yes! Definitely, strength training! But, what is about swimming? Is splashing around a legitimate fat burner? It is, nevertheless, the case. Swimming is among the greatest exercises for toning and slimming your complete body. You keep afloat by using your arms & legs, & you push yourself by using your back muscles. Plus, if you’re tired of other types of fitness, such as walking or running, swimming at water physical therapy near me might be a refreshing break.

The best part is that you don’t need to adhere to a Michael Phelps-style fitness regime to gain the advantages. Here’s why swimming is such a great workout for losing weight, as well as some basic recommendations for getting started.

How Can Water Therapy Help You Lose Weight?

Swimming, like all forms of cardiovascular exercise, burns calories & might help you lose weight. Moving through the water, on the other hand, produces added resistance, pushing you to engage your muscles more.

Swimming with aquatic therapy, Tucson tones your upper, lower, & core muscles all at once, providing you a full-body exercise and more overall muscular definition than other aerobic activities such as jogging. The breaststroke and butterfly, for instance, work your shoulders, arms, & chest, whereas the backstroke works your back, abs, & quadriceps.

And as you gain muscular mass, you burn more calories. Swimming the breaststroke for 30 minutes burns roughly 367 calories, whereas swimming freestyle burns approximately 404 calories. Compare that to 100 calories for half an hour of aerobic activity or 300 calories for half an hour of 6-mile-per-hour jogging.

Before looking for water physical therapy near me, know that swimming’s fat-burning effects are quickly realized. Middle-aged people who swam for 60 minutes thrice a week shed a considerable amount of body fat in just 12 weeks, according to research. They also increased their endurance & flexibility & even decreased their cholesterol.

Can Water Therapy Aid in Belly Fat Loss?

Remember that any exercise that burns calories can help you lose fat across your body, particularly around your midsection. Flutter kicks & butterfly kicks are two swimming routines that especially target your core (obliques). According to research by aquatic therapy Tucson, those who swam thrice a week lost more fat around their waists & hips than those who walked thrice a week.

Another significant advantage is that water-based activities are low-impact, making them gentler on your knees, hips, & feet. Water physical therapy near me might provide aerobically and muscle growth without the significant wear & strain on your body that a ground-based workout like jogging would.

How far do you even have to swim in order to lose weight?

Everything depends on how hard you work out. An hour of hard swimming burns about 800 calories. If you do it four times per week, you could drop 3-4 pounds per month. (It takes 3,500 calories to shed one pound.)

Do you prefer a gentler approach? Before opting for aquatic therapy, Tucson, know that swimming for 30 minutes at a moderate speed burns about 250 calories. If you do it four times per week, you’ll lose a little over a pound in a month.

However, everyone is different, & research reveals that some people are losing more or less fat than others, even when they exercise the same amount. Making workouts like swimming a regular part of your regimen, on the other hand, can help you attain or maintain a healthy body weight. If you’re attempting to lose weight, aim for an hour of moderate or strenuous activity every day, such as swimming.

Pool Exercises

Before looking for water physical therapy near me, take a look at these pool exercises.

  • Spiderman: Climb the pool wall as Spiderman does buildings! This practice allows you to resist gravity in ways that aren’t feasible on land. It also gives your core & back muscles a unique workout.
  • Pool Plank: On land, planks are a great core strengthener. However, if you don’t have a muscular upper body, it will be difficult to hold it for long enough to offer your stomach muscles a solid exercise. Everything changes in a pool.
  • Chaos Cardio: This workout elevates running to a whole new level. You will build all of your core stabilizing muscles by producing multiple currents in the water & then sprinting through them. Run with appropriate alignment — ears, shoulders, & hips in a straight line — so that your core is forced to perform the effort of keeping you upright, rather than your shoulders or legs.
  • One-Legged Balance: This exercise improves your leg & core muscles, which are in charge of balance, without the danger of dropping & injuring yourself.
  • Fly-Backs: Fly-backs train the musculature in the upper chest, back, & arms much as they do on land. They also help with posture.


Water therapy burns calories & can aid in weight management, muscular toning, and general health and fitness. This activity works multiple muscle groups as well as the circulatory system, & it may give a terrific workout for a wide range of people. Furthermore, water therapy may assist some people in improving their mood, relaxation, & reduce tension.

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