Adult Swimming Lessons

From Beginners to Stroke Refinement

SAGUARO AQUATICS IS OPEN!!! We are currently offering Private and Semi-Privates lessons with Health and Safety protocols  in place. Hours of operation are Mon – Sat 10am – 7pm. Call or email – thank you!

Whether you are a beginner learning the basics of swimming and breath control, or you are more advanced and would like to refine your stroke technique and efficiency, our Staff of experienced coaches will get you to your GOAL!

We help adults and seniors learn to swim and overcome their fear of water and become comfortable in and around water. Saguaro Aquatics Coaches also assist tri-athletes and those that swim for exercise to improve their efficiency and technique. Border Patrol and Coast Guard trainees look to us to help them meet their swim test requirement. Whatever your GOAL, we will get you there!

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Saguaro Aquatics Health & Safety Protocols

Saguaro Aquatics has transformed the way we offer Swimming Lessons to ensure the Health and Safety of our staff, clients and swimmers. Spaced seating, controlled facility traffic flow, enhanced HVAC systems for increased fresh air ventilation, pool sanitation is checked hourly, regular cleaning of seating, handrails, teaching equipment, bathrooms, changing rooms and all common touch surfaces. Watch this 1 minute video for more information on how we have evolved our Swimming Lesson program.


There is a $35 Registration Fee per family, per calendar year. Private Swimming Lessons are $45/ half hour lesson. Start anytime. We enroll and charge based on the calendar month. The lesson fees you see in the Class Listing tables below reflect a full month of lesson fees for the current month. Our office will pro-rate for mid-month starts prior to processing payment. If you see a different price for a different day of the week, this is due to a difference in the number of that specific day of the week in the current month (for example, in January there may be more Mondays than Fridays so a different monthly fee will display in the Class Listing Table). 

Enroll online by clicking the "ENROLL" link in the preferred Class Listing below. If you don't see a time that works for you please email or call our office.


Lesson schedules for next month are posted on the 16th of the current month.


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