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We have open enrollment, start anytime.  $40 Registration Fee per family, per calendar year. Group Swimming Lessons are $25/lesson for two or more days per week, and $30/lesson for one day per week lessons (5% sibling discount off of lesson fees). We charge based on the calendar month and pro-rate for mid-month starts. Two days per week on either Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs, and one day per week on Fridays or Saturdays. Schedules and Lesson Fees are listed on the specific Level pages below. To view specific Level pages select from the Level list below or use the Level Selection Tool if you not sure which level is appropriate. When you view the Lesson Fees and Schedule on the specific Level page, the lesson fees you see in the Class Listing tables reflect a full month of lesson fees for the current month. Our office will pro-rate for mid-month starts prior to processing your payment.

Saguaro Aquatics Health & Safety Protocols

Saguaro Aquatics has transformed the way we offer Swimming Lessons to ensure the Health and Safety of our staff, clients and swimmers. Enhanced HVAC systems for increased fresh air ventilation, precise pool sanitation levels, and regular cleaning of seating, handrails, door handles, teaching equipment, bathrooms, changing rooms and all common touch surfaces. Relax knowing you are in a clean and safe environment.



Our curriculum in the Learn to Swim Levels emphasizes proven Survival Skills that reduce the risk of drowning. Click the Levels below to see the Curriculum details and class Schedule. Click ENROLL on the left of a class listing to begin enrollment. You can also join a WAITLIST if the class you prefer is full.

In the Tumbleweed level patient instructors introduce the joy of swimming to each swimmer at their own pace. Every child will learn basic water skills that make swimming FUN! Entry requirement is 3+ years of age.

Skills Learned in Level 1

  • Happily Attending Lessons!
  • Going Under Water and Blowing Bubbles
  • Relaxed Front Glide
  • Assisted Back Float
  • Independent “Monkey Walk” – walking with hands along the wall
swim tumbleweed

After Level 1 swimmers are comfortable in the water and look forward to attending lessons. Our instructors will build their confidence further by presenting more challenging skills. The primary goals in the Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Cholla Level are to develop a STRONG Kick, and to roll over and back float independently. The entry requirements for the Teddy Bear Cholla level are the Skills Learned for Level 1, Tumbleweed.

Skills Learned in Level 2

  • “Pop Corns” – rhythmically bouncing off the bottom while blowing bubbles and taking breaths
  • Kick Glide
  • Back Floats and Rollovers
  • Diving for Rings
swim bear cholla

The Golden Barrel Level is one of our most challenging levels. It is the final level of “Survival School”. Swimmers learn to coordinate their arm and leg movements to form the base of their Freestyle stroke. We also teach them to propel themselves on their back for the first time – finning and kicking. At the time of graduation from Level 3, swimmers are able to fall into a pool and independently get themselves out. The entry requirements for the Golden Barrel Level are the Skills Learned for the Teddy Bear Cholla, Level 2.

Skills Learned in Level 3

  • “Big Arms” Coordinated with Kickers
  • “Fining and Kicking” on Back
  • Independently Diving for Rings
  • Jump In and Back float
swim golder barrel
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In Stroke School we teach the four competitive strokes, as well as Elementary Backstroke, Sidestroke, diving and treading. In preparation for swim team we incorporate the correct use of training equipment into the learning process of each stroke and skill.

In Level 4, Swimmers will begin swimming the long way in our pool (30 ft) as they learn to swim FREESTYLE, Elementary Backstroke, and tread water. Entry requirements for the Prickly Pear level are the Skills Learned in Level 3, Golden Barrel.

Skills Learned Level 4

  • Freestyle in good form
  • Tread Water for 1 minute
  • Elementary Backstroke
smim free style

In the Blue Agave Level, for the first time in our curriculum swimmers begin learning a stroke other than Freestyle. Just because swimmers are on their back and able to breath freely does not mean the BACKSTROKE is easy. Backstroke is one of the most challenging strokes to swim well over a distance. This is why we place great focus on proper technique – body rotation, head position and proper hand placement into the water on each stroke. Along with learning the Backstroke, swimmers will begin mild conditioning by practicing the strokes learned in prior levels. Entry requirements are the Skills Learned in Level 4, Prickly Pear.

Skills Learned in Level 5

  • Backstroke in good form
  • Flip Turns
  • Tread water for 2 minutes
  • Diving
swim flip turns

In the Joshua Tree Level, students learn a very difficult stroke, the Breaststroke. They also learn how to do a proper breaststroke turn, improve their diving and tread for extended periods of time. It takes a coordination and determination to learn the rhythm of Breaststroke. Students will also improve their swimming stamina by swimming laps of the strokes learned in remedial levels. Entry requirements for Joshua Tree are the Passing Skills for Blue Agave, Level 5.

Skills Learned in Level 6

  • Breaststroke in good form
  • Breaststroke Turns
  • Tread water for 3 minutes
  • Diving
swim breastroke

The final level of Stroke School is the Saguaro Level. In Level 7 swimmers learn the Butterfly and Sidestroke utilizing teaching equipment, demonstration, and hard work. For both strokes emphasis is placed on proper kick technique, body/head position, and rhythmic movement. Coaches will challenge swimmers in this advanced class by conditioning them in Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly, as well as Treading. When swimmers graduate from Saguaro Level they are ready for Swim Team!

Skills Learned in Level 7
  • Butterfly
  • Sidestroke
  • Tread for 5 minutes
  • Racing Dives
swim side stroke

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