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Saguaro Aquatics’ Policies

By enrolling or participating in services from Saguaro Aquatics you agree to accept services under the following terms. From time to time Saguaro Aquatics will run promotions. Policies and terms of purchase may differ for promotions from the policies below, in which case the promotional policies will be posted with the promotion.


Make-Ups are provided assuming there is space in an appropriate Class Level at a time you can attend. When you purchase a lesson from Saguaro Aquatics you are buying a lesson at a specific day and time, not a general lesson that can be taken at anytime or day of your choice.  We provide a maximum of 1 make up per month regardless of how many days per week you attend or absences you have in a month. Make ups must be scheduled during the month in which the absence occurs in an existing group class. An absence from a scheduled make up will not be or rescheduled or provided a make up. We STRONGLY encourage you to attend the class day/time that you purchased to avoid the possibility of not receiving a lesson that you paid for due to lack of availability for make ups (especially in the summertime when a majority of our classes are full).

TO SCHEDULE A MAKE UP go to our website, click the gray REQUEST MAKE UP Button.


Enrollment is continuous/perpetual until until a withdrawal notice is provided. You may withdraw at anytime. Withdrawal notices must be provided via our the Black WITHDRAWAL BUTTON located in the upper right hand corner of the any page on our website. Withdrawals on or before the 20th of the CURRENT month apply to the following month. Withdrawals received after the 20th of the current month apply to the month after next. This allows us to offer your spot to someone else for the following month and to make appropriate staffing changes. Those enrolled on the 20th of the current month will be charged for lesson fees on the First day of the following month – NO EXCEPTIONS! We provide notification of this policy on this policy page, in the registration confirmation email sent to you at the time of registration, on your payment receipts and the waiver we ask that you sign prior to your first lesson.


The $35 annual Family Registration fee is due at the time of registration. There is one fee per family. The fee is charged when enrolling for the first time each calendar year.


  1. There is a $10 Schedule Change Fee per child for changing the time and or day(s) of your lessons within a given session (month).  Schedule Change Fees must be paid PRIOR to attending your first class at the new day /time.

  2. For 1 day per week lessons on days OTHER THAN Fridays or Saturdays, and for two days per week lessons in a format other than Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday, and for a PARTIAL MONTH purchase, there is a $35 Custom Schedule Fee per child, per month.


We require a credit card on file in order to enroll. Payment is due on the 1st day of each month. The credit card on file will be charged on the 1st day of each month. Accounts are assessed a $10 late fee plus $10 bank fee for returned credit card charges. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.


Weather related cancellations are at the sole discretion of Saguaro Aquatics.  Saguaro Aquatics will cancel swim lessons based on the information listed below and the best judgement of the on site staff.  In the event of a cancellation for any reason by Saguaro Aquatics you will be notified via e-mail to all emails listed on the account and a text to the primary contact’s phone number.  Cancellations can be as sudden and last minute, as are our Tucson Monsoons. Missed lessons due to weather or other reasons beyond our control WILL receive a make up lesson in the month in which the class was missed and absences WILL NOT count towards two make up lessons provided per our Absence/Make Up policy.  Classes that complete 15 minutes or more of lesson time,  before or after a weather related cancellation period, will not be made up. If you choose to skip a lesson due to weather and we do not cancel the normal Absence/Make Up policy applies.

Reasons for Weather Related Cancellations:

1.  LIGHTNING – we cancel when the period between lightning and thunder at our facility is less than 30 seconds .  You may remove your children from lessons at anytime you feel being in the water has become unsafe.  As soon as swimming conditions become safe we will resume lessons.

2.  WIND / RAIN / SNOW / SLEET – we will cancel lessons when conditions do not allow for a safe learning environment, as judged by Saguaro Aquatics Management.

Proper Attire

Proper attire is required by all patrons over the age of 2 years in all common areas of our facilities. Saguaro Aquatics reserves the right to define proper attire. In the event that proper attire is called into question, Saguaro Aquatics will act to protect our students, patrons, and instructors.


  1. We will do our BEST to provide a consistent learning environment and accommodate any teacher preferences you may have.

  2. We do NOT guarantee a specific teacher, regardless of any promotion we offer, or your scheduling flexibility.  We stress that we sell swim lessons, NOT instructors. We ask that you trust our curriculum, training process and staffing selections to provide you with a quality instructor for all swim lessons you purchase from Saguaro Aquatics.

  3. We do not refund, pro-rate, or otherwise compensate in the event of change in your instructor.  There are many factors that we can not control that impact our instructor availabilities (e.g. Personal, schedule changes, school schedules, sicknesses, etc).


For the best swimming lesson experience please provide space for our instructors to bond and begin to work with your child. Other than in our Parent and Tot classes, parents are not permitted to enter or actively participate in lessons.