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Applications can be submitted using the “SUBMIT” button on the Application form using Adobe software or can be printed to file using the web browser. To send the form using the Submit button requires opening the form with Adobe Viewer/Composer…Open the form in web browser, download the form from the web browser. After download is complete, open the Application form, complete and click SUBMIT. You may also complete the form in a web browser….print to file after completing the form, then send as an attachment along with your resume to the email address on the Application Form. If you send your application using the Submit button please send your resume as an attachment in a separate email. If you send your application by printing to file please attach both documents to one email.

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Swim Instructor Interview Process

After we receive your completed application:

  1. 1. After receiving your application we will contact you to arrange for a phone interview.
  2. 2. We will complete a background and reference check.
  3. 3. Invite you to attend a working interview. Working interviews can be 1-2 hours. Please dress casually, and bring an appropriate swim suit and towel.
  4. 4. After interviews are completed, those that are selected are invited to participate in the Saguaro Aquatics Swim Instructor Training. An invitation to train is not an offer of employment, and will include a set training schedule based on the availability you provided on your application.

Swim Instructor Training Outline

Swim Instructor Training is a 3 week process. Training includes completion of our manual, workbook, in-water training, and test.

1. Week 1: Read manual and complete workbook for – Polices and Levels 1-3.
2. Weeks 2: Read manual and complete workbook for – Levels 4-7. Begin In-Water Training– put what you learned in the manual to work. Learn and practice swim instruction techniques side be side with experienced instructors.
3. Week 3: Complete In-Water training, including an evaluation of your performance. At the end of Week 3 you will take your Swim Instructor Test. 80% is passing, two attempts will be given if needed. 
4. Admin Training: Our administrative staff will set up an Admin Training session with you to teach you how to log into the Staff Portal, retrieve your online schedule, take attendance and complete your time card.

Your training schedule is based on the availability you provided on your application. Once a training schedule is assigned it can not be modified. Absences during training are not permitted.


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