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Do you have qualified instructors?

YES! Our Instructors are hired with 2+ years teaching experience , lifeguard certified and background checked prior to working with children in any capacity. Upon employment our swim instructional staff complete a 3 week training. Upon successful completion of training new instructors will begin teaching with the assistance of an experienced instructor for 2 lessons.

What is the Customer Portal for?

This allows you to communicate with us, make a payment, change and add contact and participant information, register for class and more.

Why is the Emergency Contact Information important

While we don’t anticipate ever having the need to use the emergency contact information, it’s always good to be prepared!  Please use an emergency contact that is local and someone that would be comfortable helping out in an emergency situation.

Why is the swimmers Medical History important?

Please list any disabilities or allergies that our instructors should be aware of.  We make every effort to have our instructors informed how to best accommodate every student’s individual needs.  Please leave a comment about specifics that we should know about to better help inform our instructors.

How are children placed into Lesson Levels?

Great question, we group children based on ability. If we have a child that is way ahead or behind the developmental curve, making their participation in the appropriate level group class ineffective, we suggest taking private lessons.