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Saguaro Aquatics Health & Safety Protocols

Saguaro Aquatics has transformed the way we offer Swimming Lessons to ensure the Health and Safety of our staff, clients and swimmers. Enhanced HVAC systems for increased fresh air ventilation, precise pool sanitation levels, and regular cleaning of seating, handrails, door handles, teaching equipment, bathrooms, changing rooms and all common touch surfaces. Relax knowing you are in a clean and safe environment.

AGES: 6 months to 3 years w/ parent in-water, 3 years and older without parents in-water.

Saguaro Aquatics offers private swimming lessons for Adults and Children. In Private Lessons, we customize our curriculum to meet your goals. If you are a beginner just learning to swim or a swimmer that would like to refine your strokes, our experienced coaching staff will help you reach your swimming goals! View lessons schedules and enroll online today… 

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The Saguaro Aquatics swimming lesson curriculum has 7 levels. We call the first 3 levels “Survival School”. Our patient coaches will teach your child to be comfortable in and around the pool. The basics of swimming will be taught by experienced coaches who will introduce your child to the joy of swimming in a caring, fun, and personalized way. The goal of the first 3 Levels is for your child to survive a fall  into the pool. 

After water safety has been accomplished the next 4 levels of our curriculum moves on to “Stroke School”. In these levels swimmers learn the competitive strokes, as well as treading, safely diving, and proper push offs and turns at the wall. The goals for swimmers in Stroke School is for them to be able to swim each of the competitive strokes with proper technique, and to improve their awareness of water safety.

For more detailed information on each level, for prices, schedule and online enrollment, please visit our Group Swimming Lessons Page. For assistance selecting the correct level for your swimmer please click the Level Selection Tool button below.

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AGES: 6 months to 3 Years

At Saguaro Aquatics, Our Tot swimming Lessons provide the basics of swimming in a warm salt water pool and a fun, safe, self paced environment. To learn more about Parent and Tot lessons, and to view our lesson schedule and enroll online, please click the button below. We are currently offering Group and Private Parent & Tot lessons.

Skills Learned in this Level

    • Bubbles
    • Back Floats
    • Kickers
    • Monkey Walks: walking along the wall with hands
    • Climb Outs
    • Froggy Dives: seated dives
    • Socialization
    • Waiting turns
    • Learning from someone other than
    • their parent Submersions

Welcome to the Saguaro Aquatics’ Wellness Aquatics program! Our private facility is indoors and is located on Pima, two blocks west of Craycroft. We offer Group and Private classes to address a variety of limitations and disabilities. Sessions are held in our salt water pool that is 91 degrees and ranges in depth from 3 – 5.5 feet. We have a chair lift for those that need assistance entering and exiting the pool. This program is the only activity at the pool during scheduled classes. The maximum group class size is 8. This is a private pay service. We do not accept insurance. For more information about our Wellness Aquatics program, including pricing, schedules and online enrollment, please click the button below.


Saguaro Aquatics provides Tucson families with swimming lessons specifically designed for children with Disabilities. We call our program Sonoran Dolphins. Please click the button below for program details, lesson schedules and pricing, and online enrollment.

Bring Friends and Family together for a memorable occasion at Saguaro Aquatics. When you book a party with us we take care of the hassle, you enjoy the party! You will have exclusive use of the entire swimming facility.

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Susan Ramsower

Our grandson has had a wonderful time with his swimming lessons and has learned safety floating, pool rules, kicking an gliding in the pool. He has loved his experience and his coach Saier. Thank you so very much ❤️

Kelli Q

My sons have been going to Saguaro Aquatics for a few months now and love it! Their instructors, Isabel and Erin, are just wonderful. They are kind, thoughtful, and compassionate. Thank you for a great experience.

Jennifer Hollinger

I believe in the importance of water safety and learning to swim. My kids were water hesitant and after a few sessions were begging for more classes. One of my kids can be a bit difficult to teach but he is thriving here. So happy with our choice.

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Fun & Easy Way to Learn Swimming for Kids of all Ages

Saguaro Aquatics offers fun and easy swimming classes for kids. If you are looking for swimming classes for kids near me, look no further than Saguaro Aquatics as we have the best swimming facility, and a team of teachers who make swimming more fun than a lesson. We have swimming classes for kids of all ages from babies to toddlers to infants. We also offer swimming lessons for adults in Tucson AZ.

We can make swimming fun for kids so that they are not afraid to get into water. We make it look like its easy and effortless. When looking for children’s swimming lessons near me, choose a reliable partner like us.

Swimming Lessons For kids With Special Needs

If you are looking for special needs swimming lessons near me, Saguaro Aquatics is for you. We understand the special circumstances and we take great care to make sure that the swimming classes are easy and enjoyable for everyone. If you are also looking for private swimming lessons near me, again we could be your top choice. Whether your child is just starting out or looking to improve their skills, our kids swimming lessons near me are designed to meet their needs. We make swimming lessons and water safety lessons easy for everyone.

Swimming Classes for Toddlers and Babies

Are you looking for swimming lessons near me or swimming classes for toddlers near me? Saguaro Aquatics swimming facility is designed for kids of ages. If you are also looking for baby swim lessons in Tucson, join our classes as we specialize in baby swimming lessons. When you are looking for the best swimming lessons for kids near me, choose someone located close by and offers a very safe environment for learning, like Saguaro Aquatics.

Adult Swim Lessons Tucson

Are you looking for aqua aerobics near me? We offer aqua aerobics for people who want to have fun while swimming. Get fitter and enjoy with our aqua aerobics adult swim lessons in Tucson.

With convenient locations, swim lessons near me for adults are easily accessible and also offers swimming classes for adults near me, specifically tailored for adults of all levels.  The classes are designed for adults who want to swim like a pro improving overall health. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your swimming abilities and enjoy a refreshing workout. Join us today and discover the benefits of swimming lessons adults near me/swimming classes near me for adults/swimming classes near me for adults.

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