Can you reduce belly fat with pool exercises?

Can you reduce belly fat with pool exercises?

Losing weight is a lot more difficult process than gaining it, and everyone knows that. Diets, exercises, gyms along with a strict daily life schedule are important to lose the amount of fat required. However, it takes a lot of time to enjoy the results. Moreover, extreme diets can also lead to mental health decline and depression.   But don’t worry as there is another healthy way by which you can lose your excess weight, especially belly fat. Pool fitness activities are very effective method to lose your belly fat and gain a healthy body in shape. For this, you need to keep on swimming for a particular time every day, and your need levels need to be in the zone known as the “fat burning zone.”

You can opt for pool exercises in Oro Valley if you want to reduce belly weight faster and in a healthy way, without having to go on a strict diet. It is a known fact that swimming is an effective way to stay healthy and burn extra calories. To lose weight in addition to the other advantages is profitable for you.

Why should you go for pool fitness to reduce your belly fat?

As already mentioned, swimming is a safe and healthy way to lose excess fat, but going to any pool and starting to swim won’t solve your problems. You need a proper pool instructor who would educate you about the correct swimming routine to help you lose weight.

It is scientifically proven that swimming helps lose excess calories faster than running or cycling. Swimming and other pool exercises are thus suitable for your cardio. However, you must remember that you can’t focus on just your belly and expect it to lose weight. Through swimming and other pool fitness activities, you will lose excess weight from your entire body, and that would also include your belly.

Also, simply swimming every day won’t help. You must eat healthily and have a proper lifestyle to lose weight. The instructors of the pool exercise in Oro Valley help you to properly understand the basics of pool exercises and help you master them as they understand the need for a healthy body.

Water is denser than air. Therefore, every movement against the water is like a resistance workout. An easy and relaxed lap helps you to lose around 500 calories in an hour so imagine what a fitness-focused rigorous lap would do! Moreover, swimming not only helps to lose extra calories but also to make lean muscles which in turn increases metabolism and helps to lose more extra fat.

Swimming not only reduces extra fat and weight but also helps in maintaining the ideal weight for your body. There are various strokes to get the perfect, toned belly you want. For example, a front crawl is the best way to gain a slim waist. In fact, through special strokes, you can change your fatty belly to abs in no time. Treading water is also an effective method to get your stomach muscles to work against the water resistance and lose fat faster.

For cardio swimming to work, you need to understand the warm-up and cool-down parts of your pool fitness routine. Warm-up is necessary before treading waters and cooling down after a cardio session. You need to understand swimming kills a lot of calories, so there should be a limit to it. This is why a professional instructor is necessary.

How long do you need to stay in the water to lose weight?

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, you must swim for at least 2 hours and 30 minutes every week to get effective results. The amount of time you must swim depends on your body structure, swimming speed, and the swimming strokes you are using. For example, butterfly stroke burns maximum calories because it is difficult. Freestyle is easy, and therefore more people go for it.

What to do if you are disabled?

 Do not worry if you are disabled and cannot perform the mainstream swimming strokes. A good pool facility comes with features that are in consideration of the disabled. In fact, water therapy is one of the best forms of physical therapy for the disabled. Problems like arthritis, autism, depression, balance disorders, cerebral palsy, stress, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, etc., can be helped via water therapy.

The Pool exercise in Oro Valley includes a special Aquatics Wellness Program in their pool fitness regime. It comes with private sessions and an interior location so that you are comfortable while performing exercises to lose your excess weight. Moreover, these programs also include exercises like water aerobics, etc., to help lose weight as not everyone can perform the swimming strokes.

Also, the swimming pools come with special equipment for the disabled that will help you to get in the water and do cardio exercises to lose belly fat.


Don’t worry if you are unable to lose the amount of belly fat you would like through physical exercises, gyms, and dieting, because the pool exercise in Oro Valley will help you do exactly that. The trained and experienced instructors will help you through cardio swimming and water treading sessions and get your extra belly fat turned into abs in no time. Losing belly fat through swimming and other pool fitness activities is part of water therapy and is one of the safest ways to get healthy. The pool also has facilities for disabled people, so anyone can opt to become healthy here.

Want to lose your excess belly fat within a short period? Well, don’t worry, as Saguaro Aquatics will provide you with all the facilities to get a healthy body shape within a few months. Our trained and experienced team is skilled in instructing everyone from a toddler to a senior citizen. In addition, we also offer services to the disabled. Contact us at (520) 638-840. You can also mail us at