Does water physical therapy help relieve fatigue?

Does water physical therapy help relieve fatigue?

In recent times, physical therapy has gained immense attention. And one of the specialized forms of physiotherapy is aquatic therapy, conducted inside a pool with heated water. The patients whose bodies do not respond to land-based therapy sessions are rehabilitated through aquatic therapy Tucson.

Patients suffering from some kind of injury or chronic illness of joints and muscles, pregnant women, and old-aged people benefit actively from water physical therapy. The water’s temperature is maintained between 84 and 93-degree F, which soothes and relaxes the patient’s body.

Why Is Water Physical Therapy So Popular?

The reason aquatic therapy is becoming more and more famous is that the exercises are super easy to perform, as instead of using the traditional system of weights, the resistance offered by water comes to the rescue of the patients. The body’s gravitational pull is drastically reduced inside water due to the buoyant force exerted.

Now you will have all the reasons to look for water physical therapy near me once you have finished reading the article. Aquatic therapy acts as a good substitute for the conventional therapy methods, and here is why:

1. Buoyant force of water offers resistance:

In aquatic therapy, the muscles are strengthened by the water’s natural viscosity. As compared to air, when we are inside water, we are constantly supported by buoyant force, which automatically lifts our bodies. The resistance offered in air medium is lower than in water; therefore, the patients are forced to use more muscles.

Also, due to lesser gravitational pull, they cannot feel their body weight, which facilitates working out underwater. The atrophied muscles and joints are healed organically when the body starts functioning more, using the tendons and the ligaments. Also, the presence of water improves a sense of balance while reducing pain.

2. Blood Circulation improves:

The water used for physiotherapy is warm, which improves the flow of blood to the different body parts. The patients, who have weaker heart muscles, will also benefit from aquatic therapy Tucson. When the blood flow increases, it is compensated for the irregular functioning of the heart. Also, the warmth of the water relieves pain, relaxes the body from regular muscle spasms, and cures joint and back pain.

3. Usage of Hydrostatic Pressure:

When the liquid is in a static state, as in a physiotherapy pool, it exerts a certain pressure, known as hydrostatic pressure. As the viscosity of water imparts more pressure on the body, the lungs and the heart are forced to function effectively.

It stabilizes the patient and gives them support to those who experience a fear of falling or struggle with balancing. When hydrostatic pressure is exerted, chronic aches are relieved by enhancing the blood flow and strength of the muscles.

4. Muscle memory is rebuilt:

When water exerts a resisting force, the patient is forced to move slowly, which helps the brain process signals received from the muscles, and the responses are generally at a low pace. This helps the mind to register the whole process and develop muscle memory.

If any patient suffers from neuromuscular disorders, such as atrophy of the spinal muscles, or myasthenia gravis, muscular therapy can be effectively treated through aquatic therapy. Therefore, look for centers of water physical therapy near me and get the most benefit out of them.

5. Relaxation of the Muscles:

The blood vessels get dilated due to the water’s warmth, which prevents accidental injuries to muscles and joints while exercising. Also, the soreness in muscles is caused due to the deposition of lactic acid in them, but when the blood vessels are already dilated while working out, the soreness is also relieved.

The natural current due to the flow of water acts as a massaging therapy, which improves blood circulation and imparts a relaxing effect to the sore muscles and joints. With the use of aquatic gloves and water paddles, the water physical therapists aim at specific locations on your body and work the problem out.

Is Aquatic Therapy for everyone?

Well, though a lot of patients benefit from aquatic therapy sessions, people with specific diseases should avoid it completely; such as:

  • Allergic to chlorine
  • Hydrophobic
  • Having open wounds
  • Constipation problems or incontinence of urine
  • Patients with chronic pulmonary disorders –asthma, difficulty in breathing
  • Suffering from high fever
  • Uncontrolled epilepsy


While aquatic therapy Tucson is not entirely risk-free, if you perform them under trained supervisors, the benefits gained from it will be highly effective. But, the key point here is to take professional assistance. Anything and everything in the world comes with some good and bad qualities. But when it comes to water physical therapy sessions, the good points overcome the bad attributes provided you stick to the norms and perform each step adequately.

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