Why Should Parents Take Infant Swim Time Seriously?

Why Should Parents Take Infant Swim Time Seriously?

Taking your infant swimming when they haven’t even taken their first step sounds too weird. Isn’t it? Well, that’s not completely true. Swim lessons for infants are associated with several benefits while your baby glides through and splashes around underwater. Swimming takes your baby’s body into a whole different environment. 

Kids swimming lessons near me create billions of neurons within a baby’s body as he smacks, glides, and kicks at the water. So, if you’re parents at a crossroads with whether to introduce the baby to the pool, know that the more you delay the process, the more difficult it will be for the child to overcome the fear of water. Give a thorough read to this guide to understand the ins and outs of infant swimming. 

When Is The Right Time To Start Baby Swimming Lessons?

The ideal age to introduce your baby to the water is 6 months old. Surveys have revealed that when babies touch 8 months, they start embracing the idea of fear. Hence, the key is introducing them to the water before that. Although, indeed, the babies wouldn’t learn to swim right away, the swimming classes will surely help them acquire a few preliminary skills and attain a level of comfort.

Just like a kid first crawls before walking full-fledged, the baby should learn to paddle and kick before swimming underwater. Consistent lessons can make the child grab onto the pool’s edge and float on their back without support. 

So, parents, it’s time high for you to start looking for baby swim sessions near me to enroll your toddler. Facilities specializing in swimming classes are a great fit for babies as they’ll be fitted with all the essential gear required for baby swimming.  

Advantages of Infant Swim Time 

There are several other benefits associated with infant swimming apart from eliminating the fear of water in adulthood. Below are some reasons coercing modern parents to provide their babies with first-hand experience of getting into a pool. 

1. Improves bond with the parents or caregivers

Regardless of whether you’re a parent to one or more than one child, swimming that involves parents underwater encourages one-on-one bonding. The session hours are just for you and your little one. It’s a great way for both of you to stay glued to each other. Hence, it’s an amazing opportunity to spend some alone time together. 

2. Better balance and coordination 

Well, learning to move the tiny little arms & legs is quite a task for a baby. And swimming goes a long way in helping achieve that coordination and balance. Even the slightest movement coordination will contribute a lot to the baby’s growth. Plus, it’s a fact that children who’ve been into swimming lessons tend to exhibit better behavior outside. 

Apparently, it’s because they’re used to obeying instructions from the coaches during kids swimming lessons near me. And following instructions has made their journey successful so far. 

3. Better cognitive functioning 

Bilateral cross-patterning movements get both sides of your body going. And that leads to the overall brain development of the baby. Such movements lead to the creation of neurons inside the brain, specifically inside the corpus callosum. This part is responsible for facilitating feedback, modulation, and communication, connecting both sides of the brain. 

Furthermore, it also improves:

  • Academic learning
  • Reading skills
  • Spatial awareness
  • Language development 

When the baby kicks and paddles through the water, the brain records the tactile sensation exhibited by water along with its resistance. Adding to that, it’s also quite a new experience for the baby that further boosts brain power. 

4. Increased appetite 

Parents cannot complain enough about their children’s next-to-negligible appetite. However, when you get the baby, enrolled in kids swimming lessons near me, you’ll note a significant boost in appetite. The physical exertion underwater burns a lot of calories and leaves you with a hungry baby. 

5. Boosts confidence 

The baby swim lessons near me come with added bonuses such as water play, skin-to-skin contact with the parents, and songs. Babies also learn to interact with the instructor non-verbally. The elements and fun associated with learning the skills give a major boost to the baby’s confidence. 

Reportedly, a survey revealed that babies who have undergone swim lessons from 2 months to 4 years are known to adapt to a new situation in a better way. Additionally, the children show signs of being more confident and independent as compared to the non-swimmers. 

The preschool-age toddler swimmers acquire the following skills from enrolling in swimming lessons. They develop:

  • Strong ambitions to succeed 
  • Commendable self-control 
  • Comfort and convenience socially than non-swimmers 
  • Improved self-esteem 
6. Muscle building 

You couldn’t be more wrong if you believe muscle building is only for adults. Babies also need effective muscle development to be able to hold up their heads, move their legs and arms, and coordinate their core with the other parts of the body. 

However, don’t mistake swimming lessons for only improving the exterior structure and muscle strength. It also benefits the internals by keeping the joints moving. On top of it, swimming also benefits cardiovascular health by strengthening the little ones’ lungs, blood vessels, heart, and brain. 

7. Minimizes the risk of drowning 

Of course, swimming lessons won’t contribute a lot to preventing babies and toddlers from drowning. However, it’ll surely help them grow up into adults without any fear of water and have great swimming skills. Consequently, this will minimize the risk of drowning whenever they’re underwater. 

Choosing Swimming Lessons For Your Kids Appropriately

When you’re aggressively surfing the internet for “kids swim lessons near me,” there are certain things you should remember before choosing a swimming lessons facility. Below are some of the factors that you should consider:

1. Qualified and experienced coaches 

The facility should have certified and experienced coaches. Not only experienced in swimming but also with handling babies as young as 6 months old. 

2. Age-appropriate environment 

Did you know chlorine water is too hard on a baby’s skin? Well, yes. So, ensuring that the facility you’re trusting your baby with should provide the ideal environment is essential. Furthermore, the activities should uplift intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development. 

3. Allow parents to be nearby 

Even during swimming classes, an adult should always be within arm’s reach to provide “touch supervision” whenever infants and toddlers are in or near water. It is important to encourage parent involvement since it gives the parents ideas for practice sessions in between lessons. Look for private sessions that provide one-on-one teaching if you are unable to be in the water with your child.

4. Optimum water temperature

Yet another factor to consider while choosing baby swimming lessons near me is the ideal water temperature. At such a young age, the risk of hypothermia is quite high and not very uncommon. The ideal water temperature for kids aged 3 years and below should range between 87 to 94 degrees F strictly. It has to be warm. 

5. Water purity 

As young children are more prone to ingest or breathing in water, it’s crucial to keep chlorine levels in check and disinfect the water supply. To help prevent the spreading of waste into the water, an effective program should also mandate that the little one wear a swimsuit that fits tightly at the legs.

The Takeaway! 

Swim time can be completely safe as long as you’re taking all the required precautions and giving your infant your full attention. Infant swimming has the added advantage of fostering beautiful parent-child relationships. Slowing down to simply enjoy an experience together is uncommon in our frantic, fast-paced world. Swimming with our infants helps us stay in the now while imparting valuable life lessons. Now gather your swimsuit and jump in!

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