What are the benefits of swimming for kids?

What are the benefits of swimming for kids?

Swimming is a significant physical exercise at any age. At the same time, swimming can provide a wealth of benefits over & above physical conditioning for kids, including mental, social, & safety benefits that other exercises just can’t offer. So, don’t waste much time searching for swimming lessons for kids near me, & motivate your kid to start swimming.

Here are some benefits of swimming for kids listed for you to take a look at.

1. Teaches Water Safety

According to some research, drowning remains the top cause of injury-related death among children aging 1-4 years & the 2nd leading cause of death for kids between 5-14 years. And while prevention of drowning needs layers of protection, swimming lessons have been proven to reduce the drowning risk by nearly 88%!

While searching for swimming lessons for kids near me, you must look for a swimming school that helps your kid teach water safety. At Saguaro Aquatics, we do revolve around helping children learn water safety while in & around water.

2. Offers Physical Exercise

Swimming is a fun method to keep your children active & healthy all year round. While most individuals know swimming is a terrific low-impact cardiac exercise, it also offers a whole lot of other health benefits, like enhancing endurance, balance, strength, flexibility, & more!

So, if you want your kid to have all those physical health benefits, then start searching for children’s swimming lessons near me right now!

3. Helps with Cardiovascular Health

With regard to cardiovascular health, swimming is one of the best activities as it helps condition the lungs & heart to work together more effectively. As a result, the heart does not have to work as hard to pump out blood & oxygen throughout your child’s body.

4. Enhances Lungs Capacity

One of the primary thing swimmers are being taught from the start is how to control their breath, which on the other hand, helps enhance their lung capacity. However, this allows oxygen to pump thru the body & provide energy more effectively.

If you’re looking for swimming lessons for kids near me to enhance your kid’s lung capacity, then Saguaro Aquatics is the place for you.

5. Builds Muscle

During swimming lessons, your kid will utilize muscle groups they might not have had a chance to enhance otherwise. With each swim stroke, they learn & this will have them use different muscles to kick, pull, & glide their path through the water. 

6. Helps with their Digestion

Not to get too precise, but your digestive system needs you to move for it to function optimally, too. Swimming offers the movement to clear things up & help digestion in children. Imagine the food like marble & your kid’s intestinal system as the narrow, winding entrance the marble needs to slide down. 

If you wish to improve your kid’s digestion functionality, start looking for swimming lessons for kids near me today.

7. Improves Sleep

Children seem to have limitless amounts of energy, & while you would think they would burn it off in the course of their day, kids need to exercise every muscle of theirs productively & that is why swimming is perfect for them!

8. Enhances Memory

Swimming also helps strengthen the part of their brain that is associated with learning & memory. So, as your children master the breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle & backstroke, think about all the good it is doing, not only for their bodies but their minds as well.

If you want to enhance your kid’s memory, start looking for swimming lessons for kids near me right now.

9. Improves Concentration

Swimming takes quite a lot of coordination, both physically & mentally. There is focus on arm pulls & leg kicks, & breath control – which does not leave much margin to focus on anything else. For this reason, kids become focused on enhancing their swimming skills & start seeing exceptional results – finding out that concentrating indeed does have an impact on their ability to succeed!

10. Builds Character

By now, we know water safety is a lifelong skill that kids learn in the course of their swim lessons, yet, swimming also teaches your kid other helpful life lessons. As they learn different swim strokes & water safety methods, they will also learn about perseverance, hard work, resilience & more!

11. Builds Confidence

We know kids can be a bit worried about the water & new experiences. It can be imposing for new swimmers to leave the wall & take those initial0 few pulls & kicks toward the other end of the pool.

That’s why while searching for children’s swimming lessons near me, look for a safe place where your kids can overcome their fears, respect the water, learn to swim, & have loads of fun while doing it.


All in all, life is one massive pool filled with morals that change us, challenge us, & push us beyond our comfort zone. Swimming will provide children the confidence to dive in, whereas helping them develop life skills & they will be able to make waves in the pool & beyond! 

Have you been looking for the best swimming school for your kids? Well, Saguaro Aquatics can help you with that! Here at Saguaro Aquatics, we help introduce your kids to the joy of swimming & other water activities. For more details, contact (520) 638-8040.