Water Exercise for Arthritis Pain Relief

Water Exercise for Arthritis Pain Relief

Let’s get this straight: Arthritis is not only found in senior citizens. Water exercises aren’t only restricted to old people. Anyone can face arthritis issues regardless of age. Starting from water aerobics to water walking to Zumba and other exercise programs- one can modify it as per their fitness requirements. 

Recent surveys have revealed that aquatic fitness Oro Valley is an effective and safe option for people stricken with arthritis. You must wonder what physical activities it exactly involves. Well, read on to find the answers to your queries. 

Why are these workouts good for joint pain?

Well, water is nature’s way of providing a support system for your body weight. It exerts a pressure called buoyant force on your body. This makes it easier for your joints to move freely. The arthritic joint that causes much pain on the land will become flexible underwater. For instance, performing a squat on the land is quite a painful task. However, doing the same underwater is a plausible experience. 

Below are some more reasons that are good for joint pain. 

  1. Less pressure on your joints 
  2. Provides more resistance to movements. 
  3. Boosts overall cardiovascular health 

Types of water exercises 

Several aquatic centers have designed water therapy sessions specifically for individuals suffering from arthritis. Following are a couple of highly recommended water exercises by doctors for alleviating arthritis pain:

  1. Walking 

Get under the water. The ideal water height should be upto your waist or chest. Take 10 to 10 steps forward and then walk backward. Keep repeating until you’re tired of it. Increase your pace to add a bit of resistance. 

  • Forward Lunge

The same goes for this! The water should cover up your waist or chest. Take the pool wall as your support, if required. Step forward and form an oversized lunge underwater. Don’t let the forward knee cross your toes. Come back to the former position and do it again with the opposite leg. It’s the best arthritis therapy Oro Valley, for your aching joints. 

  • Hip Kickers 

The ideal water depth should be to your chest or waist. Position yourself in such a way that the pool wall lies on the right-hand side. Throw off your left leg forward and place the knees straight. Return to the original position. 

In the next step, kick your left leg toward the sides and return to the initial position. Kick the left one backward and return. Now turn so that the pool wall is on your left-hand side, and then repeat the movements with the right leg. 

  • Sidestepping 

Stand in the chest or waist-high water facing the wall of the pool. While facing your toes & body towards the wall, take tiny sideways steps. Take 10-20 steps in each direction and return. 

  • Squat Jumps 

We bet by now you know the ideal water depth. Yes, it’s a chest or waist-high water. Pivot the hips and bend the knees, structuring the body to a squat with arms stretching forward. Jump high, out of the water, drawing the arms towards respective sides. Land on your feet, put your heels down and form a squat landing with knees protruding outwards. Repeat it as rapidly as you can. 

  • Frog Jumps 

Stand in the ideal chest-high water depth. Underwater, pull up your knees quickly towards the armpits. The knees should be wide, and the heels should point toward the groin. As you jump, try to touch your feet using your hands. Back to the initial position and repeat. 

  • Jumping Jacks

Chest-high water with hands at the sides and feet together. Jump to form a gap in between your feet, and throw your hands in the air to the top. All of these should be done while your body is still immersed in the water. Come back to the initial position and do it again. If more resistance is needed, hold onto foam water dumbbells for aquatic fitness Oro valley

  • Hacky Sack 

In chest-high water, stand and lift your left leg with the hip rotated open and knee bent, and touch the ankle’s insides with the right hand. Come down from where you’ve started and repeat the exact process with the other side. Change sides as rapidly as you can. 


Regardless of whether you’ve rheumatoid arthritis, an inflammatory, autoimmune form, or osteoarthritis, aquatic therapy is a part of your arthritic recovery process. And your doctor is surely going to recommend it. Before you embark on a water exercise journey, remember 3 essential tips. They are: don’t forget your gear, remain hydrated, and stop immediately when anything hurts. If you take of these things, you’re good to go! \

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