Top 5 reasons why you should swim with your kids

Top 5 reasons why you should swim with your kids

Parents are often caught in a dilemma of whether or not they should send their little one to a swimming instructor or teach them by themselves. The next question pops up is who can do the job efficiently- the tutor teaching private swimming lessons near me or the parent? Parents can go the extra mile to prepare their child for the water while a certified instructor thoroughly teaches professional swimming strokes and advanced lessons.

One of the proper solutions is sending the child to the swimming classes and staying there to supervise. In this way, parents can stay fully involved in the learning process until they learn how to make it in the water efficiently. Until the age of 4, formal lessons do not begin as a child is yet physically developed to stay afloat. Therefore, up to that age, a parent should spend time allowing the child to get used to the water.

Though every swimming class has a different philosophy, it is best for the parents to stay during the lessons. This is exactly why we will discuss why parental involvement in the swimming learning process is crucial.

Benefits of swimming with your kids

Sending toddlers to private swimming lessons near me sounds quite intimidating. Thus, parents must join them in this process. Let us explore the various benefits of swimming with your kids

  • Maximum Practice Time

When parents are in the water with the child, each swimmer gets to participate in maximum activities within one class. The support and one-on-one practice help the kids consistently practice and hone their swimming skills required for good propulsion via the water. Here, parents can help keep the swimmers moving regardless of how they are moving. It can be in a circular circulation or wave formation. Irrespective of how efficient an instructor is, there is always more scope of movement and practice when a parent is involved.

  • Physical Manipulation

Parents can easily place their hands on their little ones, thereby physically manipulating legs and arms in order to foster a sense of swimming. Physical manipulation of paddling and kicking help in creating neuromuscular patterns between muscles and the brain. As the child receives physical reinforcement, their skills become more brushed up, so parents should correctly manipulate the kids physically.

  • Safe and Secure Environment

When parents offer one-on-one supervision during the lessons while their kids are under the instructor’s monitor, the safety of the child is 100% guaranteed. In a set-up like this, parents and instructors can openly discuss and practice safety scenarios. For example, climbing out independently, safely sliding the water from the side, turning back to safety, and many more.

  • Parent and Child Bonding

In today’s busy times, children and parents hardly get any opportunity to spend some quality time. Swimming classes are a great way of both focusing on each other for a good time. A swimming class offers them special bonding time as they are involved in a passionate and purely physical activity. Make sure the private swimming lessons near me provide you with the opportunity to do the same.

  • Discipline

In a class, it becomes particularly overwhelming for the instructors to manage every group of young swimmers. When parents are around, it is a great help for maintaining discipline in the class, especially for the instructor. As different parents have different parenting styles and instil discipline in their child, their involvement in the class can ensure the same discipline continues throughout the swimming lessons, thus assisting the instructors.

These are some reasons why you should opt for private swimming lessons near me that offer swimming classes with parents’ supervision.


Having a mother or father in the water and participating in the swimming class doesn’t necessarily mean that the child cannot do the activity without them. Of course, they can, but they get the much-needed confidence to sharpen their skills with parents around. Also, for parents to be involved in their kid’s learning process is a great experience as they physically monitor every session. So, if you are choosing private swimming lessons near me, make sure they offer a holistic class.

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