Top 8 Things to Pack for Your Kid’s Swimming Classes

Top 8 Things to Pack for Your Kid’s Swimming Classes

Before looking for swimming classes for kids near me, keep in mind that swimming lessons are a bit tiresome, both for you & your kid. From your child crying of fear & your anxiety breaking thru the roof & particularly this happens if it is the first time, your kid is taking swim lessons. However, one method to help relieve some of this stress & anxiety of the first day is by ensuring that you know what things to pack for your kids’ swim lessons.

Here’s a list of things for you to remember so that you will be the parent who has it together apart from the one gathering up debris.

1. Swimsuit 

Do not forget a swimsuit! However, it seems like a goofy thing to mention people of, but it is indeed an easy thing to forget sometimes. If only because it is not a usual item you cope with daily. 

That said, our recommendation is to have your kids change into their swimsuits before they leave. If that is not a choice for you because your kid does not wish to change until getting to the swimming pool, that is okay! However, always ensure that it is in their bag before you take them to their classes & everything will be fine.

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First of all, you should always ensure that your kids’ swimsuit fits them well before their first swimming lesson. Ensure that the fit is comfortable, neither too tight nor too loose that it might fall off. 

2. A Towel 

To dry off, your kid will definitely need a towel after swimming. Even though in a warm saltwater swimming pool, your kid will still need a towel for drying off after swimming, & drying helps avoid slipping while walking as well.

Moreover, some swimming classes have shower stalls for kids to use, & they also want every kid to rinse before & after entering the swimming pool.

3. A Set of Swimming Goggles 

Swimming goggles might help keep the water from entering your kids’ eyes. Some swimming classes for kids near me provide teaching tools according to your kids’ needs to utilize during lessons, yet you might opt-in send your kid with their own goggles. However, pool water is gentler on their skin & eyes. Still, goggles can help your kid feel more comfortable inside the water.

Swimming goggles also prevent chlorine present in pool water from entering your kids’ eyes. And they might even help enhance their swimming technique. Well, new swimmers feel more comfortable & are at ease when they are able to see inside the water, & it does not sting their eyes as well. 

4. A Swimming Diaper 

It is a necessary item for kids that are not pot-trained yet. Every kid below the age of three is needed to wear a swimming diaper in the swimming pool. That will prevent any sort of bathroom mishaps & keep the water clear for everybody. Moreover, also ensure that you allow time for kids to utilize the restroom before their lessons. 

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5. Swim Cap or Hairband

To keep your kids’ hair from falling on their face while swimming practice, provide them with a swim cap or a hairband.

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If your kid has long hair, wearing a swim cap or tying it with a hairband will hold it from becoming a problem to your kid while they are taking swimming lessons. So, doing this will help your kid properly focus on their swimming lessons.

6. Showering Supplies

A few swimming schools have a place or a locker room for your kid to rinse off. In case you want your kid to shower & change after swimming lessons, keep in mind to pack some showering items that your kid might need.

  • Lotion
  • Body wash/Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hairbrush
  • Detangler hairspray

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7. Gym Bag

Getting a proper gym bag for your kid to place all of their items inside is a must. You should pack a comfy outfit for your kid to wear after the swimming lesson. However, plastic bags are mostly recommended for your kids’ wet swimsuits & towels because using them will help keep their bags dry.

Therefore, before searching for swimming lessons for kids near me, ensure that you buy your kid a proper plastic gym bag.

8. Earplugs

Not every kid likes to get water inside their ear & you typically will not know till you are at the swimming pool. Because of that, we recommend you pack a set of earplugs.

Before searching for swimming classes for kids near me, note that not only any earplugs will work in this case. Well, there are specific earplugs for swimming available on the market that will help keep water out from your kids’ ears.


Learning how to swim is a vital skill for your kid to have. Therefore, we hope with the help of this blog, you will be able to understand & make a note of things that your kids require during their swimming lessons.

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