The Best Swimming Classes for Kids in Tucson: 18 Years of Excellence at Saguaro Aquatics

The Best Swimming Classes for Kids in Tucson: 18 Years of Excellence at Saguaro Aquatics

Are you looking for reliable swimming classes for kids near me? Look no further; we have one of the best swimming facilities and a team of teachers who make swimming more fun than a lesson. With nearly two decades of experience teaching swimming to children, Saguaro Aquatics has gained widespread recognition as the premier facility for swimming classes in Arizona.

Swimming Classes for Kids of All Ages

For young children, six months to 5 years Instructors use games and activities.
  • Help children become comfortable in the water.
  • Learn basic skills like blowing bubbles and fundamental swimming strokes.
  • Parents accompany children in the pool during Parent-Tot classes.

For kids over 5
  • Courses for improving stroke technique.
  • The curriculum utilizes fun activities and drills.
  • Building endurance.
  • Keep kids engaged.
  • Learn essential water safety skills.
  • Gain confidence in the water.
  • Small class sizes (no more than four students per instructor)
  • Ensures each child receives personal attention.

Call us and answer a few simple questions. We will help you to determine the best swimming class for kids. Below are details of our curriculum level;

  • Learn basic water skills.
  • The entry requirement is 3+ years of age.
  • Going Under Water and Blowing Bubbles.
  • Relaxed Front Glide.
  • Assisted Back Float.
  • Independent “Monkey Walk” – walking with hands along the wall. 
  • “Pop Corns” – rhythmically bouncing off the bottom while blowing bubbles & taking breaths.
  • Develop a STRONG Kick.
  • Roll over and back float independently.
  • Diving for Rings.
  • Learn to coordinate arm and leg movements.
  • “Big Arms” Coordinated with Kickers.
  • “Fining and Kicking” on Back.
  • Independently Diving for Rings.
  • Jump In and Back.
  • Swimming 30 ft -pool.
  • Freestyle in good form.
  • Tread Water for 1 minute.
  • Elementary Backstroke.
  • Backstroke in good form.
  • Flip Turns.
  • Tread water for 2 minutes.
  • Diving.
  • Improve swimming stamina
  • Tread for an extended time (3 minutes)
  • Proper breaststroke turns.
  • Improve the diving.
  • Learn the Butterfly & Sidestroke.
  • Tread for 5 minutes.
  • Racing Dives.

Our Expert Swim Instructors Make Learning Fun

We have highly qualified and trained instructors to teach swimming in a fun, engaging way. They give constructive feedback and encouragement to help students achieve their goals. They understand that every child is different and provide lessons that match abilities and learning styles.

Are you searching for swimming classes for kids near me to enroll your child?

Here are the top reasons that look not beyond us:-

  • Certified in Water Safety Instruction.
  • Our low student-to-teacher ratio.
  • Individualized attention and guidance. 
  • Tailored Swimming Classes to children’s learning pace.
  • Games and activities to keep kids motivated.
  • Developing skills and confidence in the water.
  • Learning through play.
  • Encourages children to overcome fears and challenges.

Enroll your child in our swim lessons today with a state-of-the-art swimming pool facility. 

For an educational experience, they will enjoy and value for years to come. We look forward to welcoming your family to our swim school!

Our facility is designed with care and comfort for our students. 

  • We have two indoor pools: a warm water instructional pool and a recreational pool.
  • Ensuring a controlled environment all the time.
  • The weather does not disrupt lessons.
  • Safe space for new swimmers.
  • Specifically designed Pool for kids.
  • Depths range from 6 inches to 4 feet.
  • Experienced swimming instructors.


Not just in Tucson, we are the pioneer all over Arizona if you search for swimming classes for kids near me, with small class sizes, highly trained instructors, and a state-of-the-art facility. Your child will get personalized attention and learn water safety skills that last a lifetime. You will encourage your kid’s confidence in the water and memories they will cherish for years. 

Enroll in classes today. We look forward to welcoming your family to our swim school!