What is the best age at which kids must start swimming

What is the best age at which kids must start swimming

Studies say the best time for a child to start learning to swim is 1- 4 years of age. However, infants can participate in parent and child lessons to start enjoying and getting used to the water. The lessons at swimming classes for kids near me also educate your child about water safety. If your child is over 4, do not worry; learning has no age. After 4 and up, kids begin to grasp the swim techniques like floating and swimming to a specific destination.

Enrolling in swim lessons between 6 months and 4 years is the most effective way to help them be in the water. This early acclimation and more challenging lessons will help them not to fear swimming.

Benefits of Swimming at a Young Age

Learning to swim young can benefit your child’s mental and physical development. It helps keep them safe and build lifelong skills in many aspects.

Here are a few advantages of teaching your child to swim early in life.

  • It builds a foundation for a healthy lifestyle:

Swimming exercises key areas of physical development and keeps kids healthy, including lung and muscle health, mobility and stamina.

  • They’ll know how to act if they fall in:

Expert swim lessons will teach your child the survival skills they need to stay safe around the water.

  • It builds vital skills:

In addition to physical development, swimming classes for kids near me allow your child to meet other kids their age. It promotes their social skills based on shared interests, they also make some new friends!

  • It’s a break from screen time:

Children today are spending more time watching screens than ever before. Too much screen time often results in obesity, irregular sleep and behavioral changes. Experts advise that all children under 5 years old must engage in less screen time to grow healthier. Swimming is an ideal way to engage in non-screen activities in your child’s routine.

  • It could encourage a new interest:

When your child learns to swim, it encourages them to pursue new things confidently. Swimming sparks an interest in other water-related activities, such as professional swimming, kayaking, diving etc.

What If My Kid Doesn’t Like It?

If you have started taking your child to the pool or enrolled them in swimming classes for kids near me and find they don’t enjoy it, it’s alright! You can make the experience more enjoyable for both of you and encourage them to see swimming differently.

  • Start at home:

Before opting for a professional swim class, let your child get comfortable with water at home first. Bathtime is the perfect start to get them used to being submerged in the water. Show them how to blow bubbles or make small splashes in the bathtub.

  • Let them watch others swim:

If your child resists the swim classes because they are afraid or unsure what to expect, let them watch other children enjoy the pool. You will help your child see swimming as a fun activity rather than a lesson.

  • Make it fun:

Don’t let swimming be a source of stress or worry for your baby. Give rewards for achieving goals to make it a fun and exciting time. Pool games are a great motivator! Kids learn how to float, kick, and tread water without knowing it. It would help if you also used a variety of toys like pool noodles, goggles and snorkels to make swim time more engaging,

  • Establish a routine:

Repeating the activity is an essential part of learning any new skill. Try to make time for regular swimming lessons into your child’s routine. Kids will have some tasks to look forward to and continue developing their abilities.

Tips for Safe Swim Lessons

  • Check that the water is at a comfortable temperature
  • Teach your kid how to make use of flotation devices
  • Enrol your child in formal swimming classes for kids near me
  • Working one-on-one with your child is an excellent way to make them more comfortable
  • Choose small classes that are focused and led by a certified instructor.
  • Monitor your kids at all times. Know how to identify stress signs in the water
  • Do not take children to unpredictable bodies of water, like a lake or ocean.

The Bottom Line

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