Swimming Lessons in Marana AZ

Learn how to swim in Marana AZ with Saguaro Aquatics! We are in our 18th year of swimming lessons for everyone, from babies and toddlers to adults. Our Marana swimming lessons are designed to make it a fun activity for everyone. We have a team of professional swim instructors who have many years of experience in providing swimming lessons. We make sure that people have fun while learning about water safety. Our Marana swimming lessons are for anyone who wants to learn swimming in a safe and friendly environment.

Our Marana swimming lessons are now available year around at our BRAND NEW indoor location at the NE corner of Overton/Thornydale. Saguaro Aquatics makes learning to swim fun – great customer service, professional coaches, and WARM WATER (91 degrees)! Water safety is our mission but there are so many more benefits to swimming – exercise, socialization, and self confidence to name a few.  No matter what your goals are, we are here to help you learn to swim in a comfortable, friendly environment.

With respect to your health and safety, we have taken steps to ensure the safety of our patrons, swimmers, and staff. We follow all safety protocols and complete regular facility cleanings. We take safety seriously and strive to make your Marana swimming lessons a worry-free experience.

Kids Group Swimming Lessons in Marana AZ

Saguaro Aquatics has been providing swimming lessons for 17 years. We specialize in kids swimming lessons in Marana AZ. Our swimming lessons are for kids of all ages. Small group sizes, warm water, and expert instructors will make swimming fun and engaging for your child. We understand that sometimes kids are afraid of water – that’s okay! Our kids swimming lessons in Marana in AZ are geared to make it more relaxing and fun for kids to learn to swim.

Private Swimming Lessons in Marana AZ

For those that want to learn to swim at their own pace or to reach very specific goals, we offer private swimming lessons in Marana AZ. If  group lessons are not the right fit, then private swimming lessons in Marana AZ are for you. Ideal for kids, adults and individuals with special needs. We even offer private Parent & Tot swimming lessons.

Parent & Tot Lessons in Marana AZ

SAGUARO AQUATICS is in our 18th year of introducing babies to the joy of swimming. Our coaches teach you how to teach your child the basics of swimming: bubbles, kickers, back floats, climb outs, entering and exiting the pool, and basic pool safety – in a fun and entertaining way. Our salt water pool is kept at 91 degrees. Join today to start your little one’s swimming career!

Wellness Aquatics in Marana AZ


The goal of our Wellness Aquatics program is to make YOU STRONGER – stronger heart and lungs, stronger core and posture, strong mind and body – stronger in community! The gravity-reduced aquatics environment supports a variety of programs within the five levels of WA Fit – from high intensity group classes to personalized, one-on-one therapy. Explore these programs by viewing the information and videos below, or allow us to help find the right WA Fit program for you.

Adult Swimming Lessons in Marana AZ

There are many adults who don’t know how to swim and that’s ok! You can learn how to swim anytime you want at our new indoor location in Marana AZ. We make adult swimming lesson in Marana AZ easy and fun. Our professional swim instructor will listen to your concerns and make a lesson plan specific to your goals. We will make sure that you have a great time learning to swim in Marana AZ.

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