How Can The Elderly Benefit From Aqua Physical Therapy

How Can The Elderly Benefit From Aqua Physical Therapy

For one, seniors should steer clear of the myth that restricting their physical activities is essential as they age older. On the contrary, regular physical activity aids in maintaining the health of elderly people. Additionally, aqua physical therapy near me is known to provide instant relief from pain resulting from the aging body. 

Since running or biking isn’t an option for the elderly due to a couple of health risks associated with it, water physical therapy is their best bet. It’s that kind of activity that can accommodate elderly people’s limitations and capabilities. Stick out with us till the end as we’re going to talk about this concept further in detail.

Decoding Aquatic Therapy 

There’s no age barrier when it comes to enjoying the beneficial health properties of water physical therapy near me. It spans all age groups. As far as the senior group is concerned, aquatic therapy aims to bring physical rehabilitation, relaxation, and fitness, along with other therapeutic perks. 

The evidence-based therapy happens under the water that involves a range of physical activities, such as jogging, swimming, strength training, yoga, and aerobics. Hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, and hydrodynamics altogether make the therapy super effective. Let’s learn what benefits each aspect carries.

  • Buoyancy For Support

The upward force the buoyancy exhibits on the human body is by far the most beneficial property of water for elderly people. The force that water puts on your body repels gravity and extends adequate support to the body. Here’s how water therapy near me caters to seniors. 

  • Better mobility

When the water buoyancy is combined with warm water, it provides ultimate relaxation to hurting muscles and joints. People struggling with arthritis especially benefit from this. The buoyant force unburdens the joints and allows for easy mobility. 

  • Relaxed feeling

The road to recovery from a grave injury or surgery could be scary. Immersed under the water, the body is found to benefit from the activated parasympathetic nervous system. Consequently, it leads to a smooth heart rate and an overall relaxed feeling. 

  • Balance and strength restored 

You get an environment where you can have greater control over your movements while facing buoyant force from the water. Elderly people get a chance to direct their focus on maintaining balance. Eventually, aqua physical therapy near me aids in restoring strength bit by bit. 

  • Supported gait

Post-stroke period for elderly people looks something like this: partial paralysis, altered gait, weakness, and difficulty standing & walking. Thanks to the water buoyancy! Standing and moving becomes easy without the need for much effort. 

  • Hydrodynamics For Strength

Your best bet for resistance training is under the water. Experts consider it to be an extremely safe space. Mainly, it’s because of the amazing amalgamation of hydrodynamics and buoyancy. 

When you move through water, your body encounters resistance due to hydrodynamics. The more quickly you travel, the more resistance there is from the water. Water pushes back more forcefully the harder you push against it. 

As opposed to resistance training on land, you won’t have to worry about losing your balance due to resistance during water physical therapy near me. Due to this idea, resistance training in the water is a secure substitute for resistance training on land.

  • Hydrostatic For Pressure

Hydrostatic pressure is something you can’t feel with conventional physical therapies on the land. Your body experiences hydrostatic pressure when submerged in water. It is a result of the interaction of Pascal’s law, which states that pressure in all body parts immersed at a given depth would be equal, and Archimedes’ law, which governs buoyancy. 

Below are the key benefits hydrostatic provides to older people. 

  • Reduced soreness

The hydrostatic pressure exerted during water therapy near me gets the lactic acid moving to the liver. As a result, it suppresses muscle soreness. Although this one is beneficial for all age groups, the elderly benefit more from this. It’s because the environment is favorable for seniors to work out for a longer period without the risk of adding more soreness to regular pain. 

  • Enhanced blood circulation

Hydrostatic pressure is exerted on the human body based on the depth of submersion. The outcome is enhanced blood flow to the major organs of your body, such as the brain, lungs, and heart. 

  • Less swelling

Older people experiencing the trauma of extreme edema or swelling of certain body parts are strongly advised to go for aqua physical therapy near me. The hydrostatic pressure exhibits greater compression. Hence, it minimizes the extent of swelling. 

  • Higher breathing capability

Hydrostatic pressure is constantly applied to the chest of a person who’s in a submerged position till their neck. The pressure exerted on the chest wall makes it release unusually more air. It still maintains the efficiently working chest wall even when you’re out on the land. Elderly people who’re striving to work towards better lung capacity and fight COPD can benefit a lot from water therapy. 


Now that we’ve arrived toward the end of this blog, we would like to release a key piece of information. Whenever you decide to introduce water physical therapy near me to the elderly at your home, make sure it’s in a professional landscape. 

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