The final level of Stroke School is the Saguaro Level. In Level 7 swimmers learn the Butterfly and Sidestroke utilizing teaching equipment, demonstration, and hard work. For both strokes emphasis is placed on proper kick technique, body/head position, and rhythmic movement. Coaches will challenge swimmers in this advanced class by conditioning them in Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly, as well as Treading. When swimmers graduate from Saguaro Level they are ready for Swim Team!

Skills Learned in this Level​

swimming butterfly


Register online by clicking the “ENROLL” link in the preferred Class Listing below. If you don’t see a time that works for you please email or call our office.

PIMA Location


MARANA Location

Continental Ranch (CR community residents only) – Enrolling MARCH 1st, Lessons start Memorial Day Weekend.

Our Happy Clients

We started with Saguaro when my daughter was 2.5. Now four years later she is begging me to let her swim with the swim team. After just a short time she was able snorkele with us in Hawaii and was able to navigate open water around the reef. My son is 3 and although he can be a handful (that's possibly an understatement) Josh and the teachers he has trained have handled him beautifully. They allow him to be silly and have fun in the water while still being structured enough to teach him safety skills. Now he wants to practice in the bathtub! We loved Grace, Darlene, Eddie, Gordon, Robin...and are always sad when they graduate, or have babies and make transitions, but we have always had top notch teachers and understand that growth and change are part of life. My littlest (10 months) will be starting swimming lessons soon, can't wait to introduce him to the joy of swimming at Saguaro.

2 Kids swimming, getting ready to start our 3rd w/ Saguaro

Prior to coming to Saguaro Aquatics my son hated going to swimming lessons. However, from the very first lesson with the owner Josh he immediately started to love swimming lessons. He was disappointed when it was not a lesson day. In just a few short months he has progressed so much in his swimming compared to all his previous lessons. The owner Josh is very hands on and very approachable. His teacher Chris also does an excellent job helping them to progress quickly. All the lessons between teachers are very consistent and follow the same structure so the student knows what to expect.

Miranda A. Owner is hands on!

After having such great lessons here, I felt obliged to write a review. I had lessons for a month with instructor Michael McCauley, who was great. He is very knowledgeable and friendly. The pool was heated, so even on chilly days, there was no problem. I signed up for private lessons, and although the price was a little steep, I feel that I got my money's worth, given the progress I have made in such little time. Overall, I would recommend this place to anyone interested in swimming lessons!

Tom C.(Client) Adult Privates are GREAT!

We LOVE swimming at Saguaro Aquatics. Excellent instructors, professional customer service. We are glad we chose Saguaro Aquatics to teach our daughter to swim and we tell others to do the same!

Davi(Thankful-Parent) Hard to Please