Swimming for the Soul

Why do you swim? To compete, to lose weight, because it simply makes you happy??? Maybe you swim for a combination of benefits. Much like a runners hi or the endorfins release when weight lifting, swimming can contribute to a meditative type experience. Psychological benefits are not well documented but those that swim know the release of physical and mental stress from a pool session. Improved physical health and appearance can also add value benefits of regular swimming.

For some the soul searching they encounter while swimming and the strength they find allows them to be stronger people. Maybe that is why such a large percentage of swimmers go on to be successful people, regardless of their swimming success. Check out Diana Nyad’s personal determination when swimming from Cuba to the United States without a shark cage.

In doing research for this blog it has become clear that swimming is therapy for many that battle depression. A common illness in our diseased culture, swimming gives positive vibes for those in need. Swimming for the soul makes you happier even when you are not feeling down. Our swim team kids walk out of practice each day happy and full of life – they don’t even realize it! Set aside some time to swim each week and you will be a happier person for it. So, why are you swimming?