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Our seahorses are typically 2-3 years in age, but have a more comprehensive background with the water and/or class setting. At this level the child should be able to perform the core swim and social skills of a minnow. At this level the child is learning more about working with the other students in the class, learning more appropriate swimming behaviors, as well as building upon the water safety skills taught as a minnow. A new seahorse should be able to blow their bubbles, understand when it is okay to enter the water, take their turn, and submerge underwater with the help from the instructor. The student should be able to feel comfortable and trust their environment when starting as a seahorse. To graduate as a seahorse the child should be able to submerge and blow bubbles independently, have proper body position in the water both while still and while kicking. Seahorses also learn to raise their hand to speak, be able to ask questions and know good swimming behavior.