Private Make Up Instructions - Saguaro Aquatics

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We allow 1 (ONE) Make-Up per month regardless of number of absences. We can schedule make ups before or after the absence but make ups must be scheduled in the calendar month in which the absence occurs using the Make Up form below. Your Make-Up can be scheduled up to 7 days in advance. We don’t reschedule or provide make ups for missed Make Ups. We can assist you with this process in our office on YOUR device. Please check your junk mail if you have not received a response within 48 hours.

STEP 1: Complete the Make Up Form below,and click the Submit button.

STEP 2: We will look for OPEN classes and reply by email with options that meet your scheduling needs.

STEP 3: Email us back and let us know which option is best. 

STEP 4: We will reply with confirmation. Until you receive an email confirmation you don’t have a scheduled Make-Up.

If you have not received a response within 48 hrs please check your junk mail. After confirmation please reference your Parent Portal for details related to your  Make-Ups (Time, Coach, Date).

SWIMMER INFO – please send one form for EACH swimmer, UNLESS siblings are in the same class - please tell us in the NOTE below.