Swimming Lesson Partner Program - Saguaro Aquatics

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THANK YOU for taking a moment to look into the details of our program. We think this is an awesome way to reach many of the Tucson children that are unable to receive quality swimming lessons due to their parents busy schedule. This program serves our community, provides kids with a lifesaving skill and can earn your business a monthly commission.

Here is how it works….Saguaro Aquatics will place a Display and Sign Up sheet in your reception area. Weekly, we will collect the sign up sheet and place a new one. Saguaro Aquatics will contact interested parents from the sign up sheet and enroll students at a time that works with YOUR existing programming schedule  (naps, snacks, etc). Monthly we will email each parent a video of their swimmer’s skills. This keeps parents plugged into their child’s progress and excited about their child’s swimming lessons.

As the childcare provider you have a couple of duties; promote the program through email blasts, newsletters and other group communications, answer any basic questions that you can and refer parents to our website for more detailed information, provide transportation to and from our facility and to provide supervision for children that are not in the water.

At the conclusion of each month a check will be issued to your business equal to 10% of the total revenue generated through your location. If you choose not to accept the commission it will be given back to parents in the form of an additional 10% discount off of their monthly swimming lesson tuition.

For more information and to schedule a time to meet please contact our owner Josh Franklin at josh@saguaroaquatics.com