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1 Minute Swim Level Assessment…

Level Assessment

Please click the “This is my Level” Button next to the statement that best describes your child’s CURRENT swimming abilities. Please take into account your child’s age and regression, if the child has not swam since last year. 

If the listed skills describe your swimmer but they are older than the listed age we suggest starting with Private Lessons. Older kids generally learn very quickly due to their physical and mental development. When their swimming skills match their stage of development we suggest joining group Swimming lessons… 

Level Assessment

Level Assessment

Level 1

I am a BEGINNER swimmer, younger than 6 years old, and I do not know how to swim and I am  not comfortable going under water.

Level 2

I am younger than 6 years old and I am comfortable going under water and blowing bubbles and doing a simple front float.

Level 3

I am 8 years or younger, comfortable putting my face in the water, and kicking short distances without help. I am comfortable doing a back float if I have help.

Level 4

I am comfortable swimming 10-15 feet using arms and legs, taking a breath to the front and continuing to swim. I am also comfortable floating on my back.

Level 5

I am able to swim Freestyle with proper side breaths for one length of the pool. I can tread water for one minute and  I am able to swim Elementary Backstroke.

Level 6

I am able to swim proper freestyle, Elementary backstroke and traditional Backstroke. I can also do a flip turn for both Freestyle and Backstroke.

Level 7

I am able to swim proper Freestyle, Elementary and traditional Backstroke, flip turns for Backstroke and Freestyle, Breaststroke with a proper turn, and I can tread water for 3 minutes.